An educational marketing research and training website that targets individuals, companies, and big organizations. It provides information about trustworthy marketing experts as well as general marketing information.

The website owner's idea was to get to investors looking for information about getting internet marketing experts. The website has been well laid out, with primary information getting highlighted on the home page.

The organization is an industry leader in providing expertise to marketing executives globally.

With a global membership of over 600.000, the organization uses content such as 828 marketing events, seminars, podcasts, and articles to educate marketing leaders.

The website is direct to the point by utilizing three big buttons on the homepage to guide users on where to begin- either training, events or subscribing to a newsletter.

Further down the homepage, the website has categorized its principle content into three main categories: aDProfessional Development', aElUpcoming Events', and aDWhat's new'. This make navigation easy and fast.

The homepage is short, but informative. Graphics such as images are prominent on the site. They make it attractive, and easy to identify the nature of the content offered.