Focuses exclusively on marketing research for businesses. The website is made up of articles, videos, blogs, reports, and educational summits for existing and upcoming entrepreneurs.

It is an educational website most suited for marketers who wish to learn a thing or two about online marketing. Performance-based reports highlight the validity of the information fed on the website.

Use of real-life scenarios in business management has also been employed.

The organization sets itself apart by simply providing practical cases studies, research, and training for marketers without selling the information. It helps markets to improve their results by offering instructions, statistics, and inspiration.

The website begins by clarifying its purpose and this makes the user aware of what to expect. lts flow is smooth and content has been categorized from the top to the bottom of the homepage. It utilizes both video and images, which serve as effective communication media.

The navigation panel is simple, but appears similar to any other text on the website, an occurrence which can be a bit confusing when navigating.