Providing information and intelligence about the marketing and media community. The organization covers strategic topics such as CMO strategy, and data-driven marketing. It also provides breaking news (about advertising and marketing) on social and digital media.

The homepage is noticeably long and it's easy to bypass your desired information piece while scrolling downwards. The upper and lower parts of the site have a black background while the middle's is white.

They appear to distort the site's uniformity. Categorization on content is unclear and so everything appears similar.

The website is all about images and videos of advertisements, internet marketing strategies, and modern advertisement channels.

Articles and all the information in this site purely relates to online advertising. Forums discuss numerous issues like how online advertisement should be done, how much is too much publicity, and the best methods of advertising.

It captures the audience with a bright layout of numerous advertised pages combined with text, all on a single page.