Bud, a digital marketing agency based in Perth, offers services including SEO, Google Ads management, social media, and content marketing. With a forward-thinking approach, Bud also looks at the current digital marketing strategies that are in place and explores how they might need to be revised or expanded for future growth. The agency takes into account that different businesses have varying needs and a bespoke approach is usually required.

Bud's primary aim is to ensure that its clients' businesses are presented to the consumer in a way that increases visibility and supports growth. The agency's drive entails looking at a plethora of digital marketing channels to ensure businesses gain the right level of exposure to relevant audiences. They aim to decipher for clients the often-confusing maze of options within the digital marketing landscape, from SEO and social media marketing, to Google Ads and content marketing.

The agency sets itself apart through its customer-focused approach: putting the needs of the client first, and offering comprehensive services rather than focusing on a single area of expertise. This one-stop shop approach provides its clients a streamlined experience, eradicating the necessity looking to different agencies for separate services.

Bud is driven by understanding the client's business model and ideal customer, an aspect that comes across strongly in its operations. In order to provide a service that genuinely fosters growth, they strive to gain insights into the ideal customer profile, the best marketing channels to engage them, and the most effective strategies. This approach allows for a more adaptable plan that aligns with growth objectives and can modify as needs change over time.

Verdict: Bud offers a holistic set of digital marketing services designed through a customer-focused lens. By looking at the bigger picture and understanding the nuanced needs of each business, Bud aims to offer effective strategies tailored to specific growth objectives. The agency wants to offer clients a simplified and streamlined experience in the largely complex sphere of digital marketing.

Business address

Level 32, 152 St Georges Tce,

Contact details

Phone: (08) 9468 2555