A blog advertising network bringing marketers and publishers together, allowing advertisers to build back links, improve SE rankings and increase website traffic. On the other hand, publishers can send bids for the articles they want to write, post or repost on their blogs.
With over 40K registered users and counting, SponsoredReviews allows bloggers to publish the following types of content: web reviews, quality content containing ad links to advertisers' websites or to repost content as provided by the advertisers.
The blogger's revenue share for each task completed is 50%. The registration is free but an excellent quality for a blog is required in order to be approved.
On the other hand, advertisers are required a minimum $25 initial deposit in order to create an opportunity.
The following payment methods are available for advertisers: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Publishers are paid bi-weekly via PayPal only.

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