Cycling Fusion provides instructor certifications, teaching resources, and training tools for indoor cycling. The business aims to elevate the careers of indoor cycling professionals by equipping them with the necessary skills and certifications. Based in East Pittsburgh, PA, Cycling Fusion positions itself as a provider of quality training for group exercise instructors in the specialized field of indoor cycling.

One of the key services offered by Cycling Fusion is its Indoor Cycling Certifications. With this program, they seek to prepare their clients to conduct high-energy classes and effectively use music to enhance their sessions. Their training and certification programs can be accessed online, onsite, or remotely via Zoom depending on the client's preference.

Cycling Fusion also provides an array of instructor resources that aim to support the development and growth of indoor cycling tutors. Additionally, the company offers services specifically tailored for facilities that would like to host a certification. Thus, they extend their reach and influence, not just to individual instructors, but also to business entities seeking to elevate their indoor cycling offerings.

In addition to their certification offerings and resources, Cycling Fusion also presents an opportunity for its clients for continuous learning through their 'Renewal and Continuing Ed' program. This further enforces their commitment to client growth and professional development.

For individuals who want to improve their fitness and performance, they provide Winter or Base Training. These two programs aim to help riders get stronger and enhance their performance through specialized training routines.

Complementing these offerings is their available resources such as the Winter Training Power Book, a Free Field Test, and a Talk Test Form. These resources provide added value and support to users as they navigate their indoor cycling journey.

To keep informed of updates and offerings, the company offers a subscription service. Overall, Cycling Fusion is a comprehensive service provider for individuals interested in pursuing a career in indoor cycling or facilities looking to host cycling certification programs. They provide certifications, resources, and continuous learning opportunities for all clients, underpinning their dedication to promoting the indoor cycling profession.