Cs-cart Miami offers site development services in several fields including online shops and web applications as well as their further development using CS cart content management system. The CS-cart management system is a standalone program used for creation and management of ecommerce sites for both small online store businesses and multi-department online shopping malls.

It provides a powerful web-based management panel which gives business owners a total control over their ecommerce sites giving them an opportunity to design and manage their product catalogues, orders, customers, payment and shipping methods as well as other settings using a couple of mouse clicks.

Cs-cart Miami provides custom development and customer support services using their in-house technical support team. They integrate today’s internet business tools to generate website solutions. They offer development services that go beyond the traditional add-to-cart tactics depending on the business needs.

Chameleon Web Services also offers CS cart installation services on the client businesses’ including configuring MySQL and PHP. They offer ecommerce website development services including search engine optimisation, customizing the website functionality, optimizing the business templates according to the desired theme and creating the requirement specifications. Their products come in different service packages including basic level services, business packages and exclusive packages depending on the client’s needs and specifications.


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