Apnea Board serves as a comprehensive resource platform for patients suffering from sleep apnea. Enriched with a broad spectrum of content, it primarily focuses on facilitating peer-to-peer discussions, providing downloadable CPAP manuals, and offering practical advice. The website positions itself admirably as an educational toolkit, which aims to empower individuals living with sleep apnea.

The website's home page encompasses the primary aspect of its functionality, providing access to the Apnea Board Forum, Sleep Apnea Info and Test, and CPAP adjustment guides. The forum acts as the nerve center of the website, housing active discussions amongst sleep apnea patients, sharing experiences and finding solace in a supportive community.

The Apnea Board goes a step further by featuring a 'How-to' guide for adjusting CPAP pressure settings with a Clinician Setup Manual. This in-depth guide is a laudable effort, presenting patients with an understanding to find their CPAP machine's optimum pressure.

While focusing on particulars of sleep apnea, the website comprehensively details the symptomatic characteristics, differential diagnosis, and even provides an index of sleep apnea related videos. The provision of free sleep apnea tracking software for a patient's computer adds to its commitment to serving its community.

The website also delves into the scientific nuances of sleep apnea quite thoroughly. It outlines the three forms of the disorder: central, obstructive, and complex, explaining the percentage prevalence of each form and the specificities that differentiate one from the other.

In conclusion, the Apnea Board effectively bridges the knowledge gap for sleep apnea sufferers. It represents a unique amalgamation of medically flavored content, user discussions, and practical resources all designed to improve the patient's understanding and management of their condition. It clearly lives up to its motto of being more than a discussion board, and indeed manifests as a complete educational tool for sleep apnea patients.