Marketing for Discussion Boards Websites

The Internet is alive with discussions about controversial topics and dynamic with the opinions of people from all over the world. Most of these people congregate at online discussion boards to exchange ideas and to have lively discussions about various topics.

Discussion boards are also where people go to find out information about specific topics. For example, musicians will go to their favorite musical discussion board to look for new or used equipment to buy or sell. It is a very interactive community, and it is full of people that would be open to your marketing message.

The key to message boards is to remember that the people that frequent boards do not respond well to marketing people that try to be covert about their advertising. Be right up front with what you do and what you are offering, put it in the appropriate section of the message board, and you will get interest from the people on that board.

Being a marketer selling a product or service on a discussion board does not mean you cannot get involved in the discussions that are going on. It is to your advantage to be seen as more than just some advertising person trying to sell the discussion community products. You need to get engaged in some of the conversation, and maybe even develop alliances with some of the more popular people in the discussion community.

Avoid being controversial no matter how much the views of the community go against your own beliefs, and always try to offer something constructive. Positive contribution on almost any discussion board is rewarded with support for your other topics. You can also use a web directory to find discussion boards that are more geared towards your product offering to help reduce the chances that you will be talking to people who have no interest in what you do.

Discussion boards such as forums can be very helpful each time you are in lack of ideas or you just want to find out an answer to a question related to a specific topic like business or law. Although sometimes it is possible for people taking part at discussion boards to fail to answer immediately, most of them give you a prompt response. Moreover, discussion boards helps managers keep in touch with employees, announcing them about potential changes occuring in the financial sector or other areas. One of the other advantages of these discussion boards we are talking about is that people can express themselves, can say whatever they think without being nervous or stressed even if they are afraid of talking in public.

Discussion boards offer you the possibility to keep anonymity, so you can freely express your thoughts towards a subject because your true identity is safe. To sum up, web directories also consist in a form of listing discussion boards so that if somebody is searching for a specific forum, it will be easier for him to find it in here instead of browsing among thousands of discussion boards. Whether if you would like to find a business related forum or you want to make your discussion board more popular, this is the right place to do it!

It is important to remember that properly working a discussion board can take some time, and it may be easier to hire someone well-versed in the ways a discussion board works to help you penetrate the discussion board market. But if it is done properly, a marketing campaign focused at discussion boards can create loyal customers that will spread the word about your company all over the Internet.


  • Apnea Board
    Discussion board focused on sleep apnea and its consequences on those suffering from it. People who have sleep apnea are encouraged to talk about their experiences and share their stories with others.

  • Belegarth
    Medieval Combat Society's discussion board. Contains information for members and enthusiasts, as well as for people looking to join. Rules and resources for the costumes and items found inside.

  • Eternal Allegiance
    Discussion board focusing on celebrities, news related to them and bios. Fan bases are also reflected within the threads.

  • Forum Garden
    General discussion board with lots of members discussing just about everything from mental health to travel options.

  • FrappyDoo!
    vBulletin powered discussion board. The topics covered are sports, entertainment, relationships, computers, and money matters.

  • Frost Jedi
    Mainly a discussion board on RPG games and online games, it turned into one that also covers technology, arts and current affairs. Members are welcome to join and discuss topics in the message board.

  • HealthBoards
    Discussion boards on a variety of health-related topics. Prominent among these is a discussion board directed at women going through menopause.

  • JustMommies
    Discussion board aimed at providing useful information and a conversation platform for moms and expecting moms. Women can get important information on pregnancy and on what's it like to be a mother.

  • Mr. Africa Poetry Board
    Poetry discussion board, with an emphasis on literary creations by African-Americans. Users need to be registered to access and view the threads inside the board.

  • Puppy Linux Discussion Forum
    Community portal dedicated to discussions around Puppy Linux. Users can post their experience with the lightweight OS, bug reports and complementary software options.

  • Seniors Only Club Forum
    With several topics set up and actively under discussion, this online forum is operated by seniors for seniors, fifty plus. Additional topics may be added as needed, so pretty much anything can be discussed. Membership is free, but registration is required for participation in conversations.

  • The Cellar
    General forum and discussion board that spans over a wide array of topics, from unrelated, gaming, politics, current world events, parenting, sports and the internet.

  • Tilted Forum Project
    General discussion board aimed at a more mature, educated and non-conservative audience. Topics range from news to games and humor threads.

  • VoyForums
    Free forums, message boards and discussion boards. Let users create these for free, using their platform and making it easy for people to start their own forums.