Content marketing trainers interested in training new and established content writers about new trends on how to get their online content to masses.

The website is equipped with sufficient how-to information that gives readers an insight of real content marketing. Active forums and blogs have also been used to offer counter solutions to changing online marketing trends.

The website has been professionally designed to give readers a clear impression of what general online marketing is all about, including open calls for interaction.

An authority organization in content marketing. lt advances the practice of content marketing by providing readers with expert advice, active communities dissecting the latest news, information provision on content stratng, marketing leadership, and organization-specific consulting.

The site has a simple, but highly effective structure of information delivery. It is lacking in slideshows and so little time is wasted in trying to locate the desired content.

Informative articles dominate the homepage, and the right panel lists different social media platforms for users to connect with the organization externally.

A "How-to" guide on the same panel utilizes graphics creatively, and this boosts ease of navigation.