JC Social Media is a marketing agency that provides a range of services to clients looking to boost their digital marketing capabilities. The company offers comprehensive social media management services designed for brands with ambitious goals, and they focus on building brand awareness, generating sales, and improving return on investment (ROI).

The full range of services provided by JC Social Media includes not only social media management, but also ad management and content creation. The agency aims to make the process of digital marketing simplified for clients by managing these aspects on their behalf. They position themselves as experts in the field who listen carefully to the needs of clients and work to reflect each client's brand accurately in their online presence to achieve the clients' specific marketing goals.

In addition to their standard services, JC Social Media also offers bespoke social media training. This service is targeted at those who wish to manage their digital marketing in-house. The company provides expert training to teams and individuals, allowing them to gain proficiency in managing their own digital marketing efforts. This training appears to be highly customizable, with clients having the option to work with experienced trainers on specific aspects of social media and digital marketing that they wish to improve upon.

The agency also provides consultancy and strategic support in the realm of social media marketing. While details about this particular service are not explicitly outlined, it is implied that the consultancy service could be a good match for businesses seeking expert advice and a strategic approach to their social media marketing activities.

Verdict: JC Social Media is a versatile agency with a focus on social media-led marketing services. Whether it's handling clients' digital marketing entirely, or supporting clients in developing their in-house capabilities, the agency offers a broad array of services tailored to the specific needs and ambitions of each client. The emphasis at JC Social Media seems to be on understanding the goals and needs of the client and delivering services that will aid achieving those specific goals.

Business address

JC Social Media
The White House, 111 New Street,
West Midlands
B2 4EU
United Kingdom

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Phone: 07837854523