Search Commander, Inc., led by Internet Consultant Scott Hendison, offers a variety of SEO tools, resources, and consulting services. Emphasizing website optimization, the company provides custom tools like the Instant SEO Review, Mobile View Checker, Keyword Multiplier, and Google Review Link Generator, among others. These tools aid in improving website visibility, ranking, and organic search results.

Additional features in their tool suite include Bulk URL Checker, Bulk Search Volume Checker, and services for merging CSV files and activating excel links. They also offer Google Cache Viewer and Local Structured Data tools that enhance the website interactions of users. Moreover, users get access to creative resources such as a ROI calculators and an Elevator Pitch Builder to further strengthen their online presence.

Scott Hendison utilizes his experience since 1999 in selling software online and his time as an internet consultant from 2002 to conduct evaluations and suggest website improvements using his developed tools. He has worked with a broad range of industries and many websites, from large online retailers to single location local businesses, showing his versatility in the field.

Search Commander, Inc. also addresses client accessibility and service with a free introductory phone call. This service is designed to give an honest evaluation of the client's current situation without a sales pitch or obligations. Clients also have the option to book appointments, make payments, and even leave feedback or testimonials on the website.

Through its blog, the company provides insights related to SEO, marketing strategies, and ways to improve business visibility through organic and paid search results. Moreover, they provide a set of how-to videos, catered to clients who learn better visually, supplementing their detailed, textual resources.

The company shows commitment to the customer journey through their Client Scheduling and Site Evaluation Request services, ensuring effective time management while dealing with clients. Offering a well-rounded set of tools, resources, and personalized consultancy, Scott Hendison's Search Commander, Inc. demonstrates their comprehensive approach to SEO and Internet Marketing. However, transparency regarding pricing would be a beneficial addition to their services to enhance user experience on the website.