Shit Hot Infographics is a blog dedicated to sharing and reviewing diverse infographics from various sectors. Run by David Eaves, it caters to a wide audience with its comprehensive infographics on different subjects ranging from business and aviation to travel.

One of the notable infographics featured on the blog was produced by The infographic outlines the oldest companies in nearly every single country that continue to operate. It further provides interesting details such as the year of their establishment and the sector in which they operate. This infographic provides a captivating visual history of business evolution worldwide.

Another infographic reviewed on the blog comes from an essay-writing service, This infographic displays some of the most successful name changes of major brands many have come to know and love. Besides the new names, it also features the redesigned logos and the year the changes were implemented. The visuals in this infographic offer insight into brand development strategies and the impact of rebranding on respective companies.

The blog also provides a review of an infographic produced by This infographic ranks aircraft based on their maximum flying speed. It includes a range of aircraft - from military and commercial jets to private ones as well. Suitable for aviation enthusiasts, this infographic imparts knowledge on some of the fastest aircraft in the world and their applications.

Another interesting infographic discussed detailed the longest roads in the world. A notable feature for travel enthusiasts or curious readers. This makes Shit Hot Infographics a diverse platform with content appealing to various interests.

Verdict: Shit Hot Infographics, led by David Eaves, is a versatile platform with an assortment of infographics from various sectors. It presents a unique means of educating its audience on various topics, from business to travel to aviation, in a visually pleasing and engaging manner.