is an educational platform aimed at providing financial instruction and advice to both retired Americans and those approaching retirement. It primarily focuses on helping its users make smart financial decisions. The site is rich in content, with a diverse range of articles covering a vast spectrum of topics. These range from living the retired lifestyle, to retirement destinations, alternative investment options, financial education, and retirement preparation.

Edwin Cannon, the editor-in-chief, seems to regularly feature and contribute posts, revealing a strong commitment to the site and its readers. The posts on the site encapsulate many areas of retirement finance, providing useful knowledge to its audience. However, it's important for users to keep in mind that while educational, this content may not substitute for personalized financial advice from a certified professional.

In addition to regular editorial content, the site features a range of in-depth reviews and guides. These are particularly useful for those looking into investments for their retirement - the reviews cover a variety of gold investment companies, including Goldco, Noble Gold Investments, Birch Gold Group, and more. Furthermore, users can also find informative guides on complex financial topics such as Gold IRA rollover and 401k investments.

For those seeking retirement lifestyle information, the site includes articles on retirement destinations and communities for active seniors, as well as best countries to retire on a budget. These could serve as a helpful resource for those planning their retirement living. In short, offers a range of resources for those looking to learn more about managing their money during retirement.

In terms of user experience, the site's layout is simple to navigate. Articles and guides are sorted into well-defined categories, simplifying the user's search for specific topics. Despite this, the web design may benefit from additional features to make it more interactive and engaging.

Verdict: offers a broad repository of financial information that has the potential to benefit both retirees and those nearing retirement. Its vast range of topics, in-depth reviews, and guides on a variety of retirement-related financial matters gives it the scope to be a valuable resource. However, for more personalized advice and direction, a certified financial advisor should be consulted.