Elegant and cool, The very first look at the blog makes an impression on you, although it is as clustered as other technology blog in town but still the mix of White, grey and light dirt color gives it a clean look.

The flash based snippets on the top just below the blog header are a nice watch but they seem to be quiet old, without any periodical updates. The RSS and email newsletter subscription on the top of sidebar, saves the users their time. But I don't like the two line summaries for blog posts to fit in more posts on the home page. At least, four or five summaries are desired unless you are forcing your readers to go on to other page, so that you can increase the number of page impressions. A cheap trick, which is very popular amongst new age bloggers.

I also find the Google friend connect widget wrongly placed in the middle of blog posts. It should have been put on the sidebar. The logo of Digital Inspiration is very so-so.

With an Alexa India rank of 863, Technorati rank of 190 and authority of 2,143, Labnol or Digital Inspiration is surely present in the virtual world. With feed subscriptions of over 38,000, Digital Inspiration reaches out of thousands in virtual world. It seems Digital Inspiration is not a part of Google News network which seems to generate huge traffic for such technology blogs and news websites.

Content is always the king, even in the case of Digital Inspiration, it is content that is making it work. It is more of Indian Techcrunch.

The latest and practical information from the World Wide Web and technological fronts make it a worthy read for geeks as well as technology enthusiast.

The language translation tab on the top is a major disappointment as it uses a Google translation service which just ruins the worthy content, may be the inclusion of some originally or human translated content for the blog will do wonders.

In India where over 300 million people read or write one or the other vernacular language, having technology blogs in vernacular languages it is must for next gen internet revolution in India. The blog seems to be more focused in providing hacks based info in posts with less attention towards new technological changes.

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jalan damun 18 junrejo,
jawa timur

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Phone: 6285646621986