Digital Inspiration is a site that provides tech tips, tutorials, and how-to guides. The guides are written by Amit Agarwal who started the website in 2004 and mainly focus on Google's products and Microsoft products.

One of the guides they provide is on How to Mail Merge with Outlook and Google Sheets. It's ideal for Outlook or Microsoft 365 users, explaining how they can utilize Google Sheets to send personalized emails to multiple individuals simultaneously using Mail Merge.

In another guide titled, How to Extract Images from Google Docs and Google Slides, the website offers concise instructions on how to obtain embedded images from Google Documents or Google Slides presentations and then save them as standalone files in a specified folder on Google Drive. This guide could be useful for users who utilize Google Slides and Google Docs in their routine work or academic tasks.

Digital Inspiration also shares tips on improving communication in your workspace. They explain how to send messages to Slack from Google Form and Google Sheet, as well as how to tag or mention a Slack user in the chat message in their guide titled How to Mention Someone in a Slack Message from Google Forms.

The site also delves into more technical aspects, such as using Cron Expressions with Google Apps Script in a guide titled How to Use Cron Expressions to Create Time Triggers in Apps Script. This guide walks through creating time triggers for scheduling tasks at recurring intervals using Cron Expressions inside Google Apps Script and Javascript.

Lastly, there is a guide on how to enable Duet AI in your Google Workspace in a tutorial named How to Enable Duet AI in your Google Workspace. It explains how Duet AI, an AI-powered assistant for Google Workspace, can assist users in tasks like drafting emails, formatting tables, or crafting compelling presentations.

Overall, Digital Inspiration serves as a useful resource for diverse users, from those just getting started with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, to more advanced users looking for specific scripts or automated tasks.

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