If you use your mobile phone to browse the internet all the time, you definitely will be happy to notice that the site opens well on all mobile devices.

This is a great thing because if you are travelling or are anywhere where you cannot use your laptop or desktop, you still can enjoy some amazing images and even share them. Since almost everyone has a phone, you can be sure that even before you get back to the laptop, there already will be many people sharing and re-posting your image.

This is how the site helps you to make your images viral without even having to invest a lot if effort in it. You therefore do not have to carry your computer everywhere you go if you are a big fan of this site.

Another thing is that you can subscribe to new posts through your email. By doing so, you will be updated when there is something new through inbox after which you simply click on the link and view the images at your own time. This means that even when you seem to forget to check, there is something that will help you to remember.

The best thing about it is that the alerts are not the type that will fill you inbox for nothing. They will not spam your email with messages that do not even add value to your experiences as is the common practice with many online alerts. All you can do on this site is to have fun and enjoy.