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  • A-Counter Tracks Web Trends
    A place to track internet trends. See which topics are trending up, and which topics are trending down.

  • Asknoypi EP
    Asknoypi offers insights about WordPress themes, plugins and WP reviews.The site also provides SEO and technology discussions.

  • Best Quotes of the Day
    Offers user friendly quotes. Users may share, copy or suggest quotes.

  • Build Your Own Blog
    Tutorials, tips, articles, how to's related to building your own blog, by Matthew 'Kaboomis' Loomis.

  • Engadget
    A news, reviews and opinion outlet with obsessive coverage of cutting edge gadgets, consumer electronics and the science and technology they're built upon.

  • Funny Pets Videos
    Provides videos that cover pets acting funny.

  • Gizmodo
    Technology blog focused on gadgets. Features various types of related articles and news.

  • Lera Blog
    A comprehensive resource of information on business, finance, advertising, media and technology as well as Internet and online marketing.

  • Livehacker
    Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.

  • Mac Rumors EP
    A collective blog which offers mostly Apple products related reviews, news, rumors, specifications and more.

  • Mashable
    Online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology.

  • Mental Floss EP
    A blog designed to stimulate the brain containing information, quizzes, intellectual curiosity and interesting facts. The articles are categorized in topic related categories.

  • Penny Stock Dream Blog
    The official penny stock blog page for the Dream financial public awareness network.

  • Satori Studio
    Provides information on how to build, maintain, and promote a website - with our in-depth, no-BS guides and tutorials.

  • TheAlmostDone
    Provides tips and advice on better tech, social and business news.

  • Viral Swarm
    Offers a wide variety of viral pictures as well as videos to choose from.

  • Blimey
    Blog focused on the main attraction London has to offer. Aside from that, visitors can get information about restaurants and activities in UK's capital.

  • Blogger News Network
    Features a variety of news, mostly centered around the entire span of news and social commentary. Book and DVD reviews also available, along with interviews with well-known personalities.

  • BTC News
    Blog at which Weldon Berger is a contributor. Mostly political news, with a direct corespondent in the White House.

  • CHEEZ Burger
    A weblog focusing more on the funny side of the Internet. Covers various topics including gadgets, media, celebrities and more.

  • Digital Inspiration Blog
    This blog is an award winning technology blog that helps you in taking maximum advantage of the software tools and web technologies at your disposal so that you spend more time doing things.

  • Editor on the Verge
    Digital media consultant and digital strategist, Yoni Greenbaum takes the liberty of addressing some of his personal activities and media stories on this blog.

  • Fables of the reconstruction
    Political commentary, usually aimed at the US and its political agenda and policies. One of the more focused topics is gun control in the US.

  • Figby
    Michael Moncur's weblog, discusses issues and topics within the online area. Most of the posts are referenced to other blogs.

  • Finance Girl's Finance Blog
    Personal finance blog covering topics from topical news stories, looks at alternative investments ideas, ways to save money and make money.

    A weblog featuring gadget related news, articles and commentary; by Danny Ashton.

  • Gawker
    A weblog that reports on New York City's media. Widely read in media circles, the site also breaks gossip and compiles celebrity sightings.

  • Grumpy Editor
    Critical observations on topics like: print, broadcast, web media, public relations and advertising.

  • Marty Davis Chickaboomer
    Marty Davis's blog. Here users can read on her views on trendy news items from around the world, along with editorial pieces she wrote.

    Provides you reading materials related to medicine, success recipes, personal developments, wealth & money, spirituality, astrology numerology and more.

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There are more people making a living writing blogs than you could ever imagine. How do they do it? They post their opinions on their blogs, and then they go out to discussion boards, a web directory, and public forums to point people to their blogs through posts and other means.

An audience builds and then the blogger is getting paid by an online marketing company for the large amount of daily hits they get for their blog entries. The concept works exactly the same for marketing, with the only difference being that there is a double pay-off in a marketing campaign because your company can get paid for the hits on your blog and in business generated for your product or service.

The point of a blog is to give the appearance that you are an expert in your field. You want people to read your blog and feel as though the information you have to offer is valuable. The less that your blog reads like a commercial, the more people will respond to it. There are several template websites available that can help you set up your blog and get traffic flowing to it almost immediately. Once you get your blog up and going, you need to get to open Internet forums and engage in the conversations that pertain to your business.

Constantly point people to your blog for more information, and include your blog web address in all of your Internet correspondence. You can also submit articles about your company's area of expertise to various websites that publish articles from amateur contributors, and you can also point to your blog from that as well.

If you are thinking about entering the blogs zone (or blogosphere), you should know that you have to be dedicated to what you will be doing. Blogs need to be maintained and have fresh content daily in order to attract visitors and therefore bring you money. Moreover, you can have more blogs if you think that this is something you are able to keep up with. Since more and more people nowadays begin to write on their blogs, place ads and after that get paid for their work, the online marketing companies are willing to develop this area by investing more money in every writer. Now you may ask yourselves what are the benefits and what is the difference between working in an office and having blogs and write your articles at home.

First of all, you are your own boss and as a following of that you make your schedule without being pressed or having anybody to give you deadlines. Second of all, there is easier to do what you like and get paid for it. The monthly income can vary and if you know how to advertise your blogs, your income can be higher than the one you were given at your old job! Web directories and mainly deal with such kind of blogs and websites. Blogs are just being listed and categorized and so the search engines are able to index them better and faster, and so visitors will just keep on pouring once your blogs are among the top results in the first engine!

Once you get people interested in reading your blog, the next thing to do is keep the current audience and make it grow. You do that by offering new content on a regular basis, preferably daily, and then you also invite your readers to get involved by leaving comments.

The more interactive your blog becomes, the more people will read it and recommend it to others. Once your traffic starts to increase you can sign up for an Internet marketing plan that will pay you for the traffic you get in exchange for allowing them to put an advertising banner on your site. Now your blog is generating revenue from the traffic, and from the sales of your product or service. The blog is the best example of the interactive components of the Internet at work.

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