Webstore is an online platform that offers auction services to its users. It provides an avenue for individuals to sell a wide variety of items, from antique pieces and art, to more practical items such as electronics, clothing, and books. The broad categories available create an abundant and diverse inventory, ensuring that the interests of many different users are catered to. Users also have the option to engage in local classifieds, amplifying the versatility of this online marketplace.

Webstore offers an interactive and user-friendly interface that makes it easier for users to navigate through the numerous product categories, find specific items, and place bids. This platform actively engages users on multiple social media channels, contributing to a more encompassing and integrated user experience.

One of the distinctive features of Webstore is its no fees policy. Users are able to list their items for free and do not have to pay any sales fees. This approach not only encourages sellers to list their items but also ensures that the prices of items are not artificially inflated due to additional charges.

Webstore also incorporates a guest purchase feature, which allows potential buyers who do not hold an account to participate in auctions. This enhances the inclusivity of the platform and widens its user base. The site also promotes savings on new, used, and hard-to-find items, making it a cost-effective option for a range of buyers.

Webstore has been recognized for its appeal among collectors. It secured the second spot as the top site for selling collectibles in About.com Readers' Choice Awards. This means that aside from providing a platform for general items, Webstore has proven to be a reputable site for niche buyers and sellers.

It's also worth noting Webstore's commitment to communication and customer service. From the seller's side, the site provides updates on the status of the listed items. Additionally, buyers can find details about sellers, such as feedback from previous transactions, which can help in making informed purchasing decisions.

Verdict: whether you're looking to sell unwanted items from around the house, track down a specific collectible, or just browse a broad array of categories, Webstore offers a comprehensive and user-friendly online marketplace to cater to your needs. With a commitment to a fee-free experience for sellers and a welcoming approach to guest buyers, Webstore provides a versatile platform for online buying and selling.