Pest Detective is a Vancouver-based pest control service that offers a range of solutions for both residential and commercial properties. The company's extensive service areas include not only Vancouver, but also broader regions such as North Shore, West Vancouver, UBC, Richmond, Surrey, Tsawwassen, Delta, Langley, Fraser Valley, Victoria, and many other locales within the region.

Pest Detective provides specialized services that cater to various pests, including but not limited to, bedbugs, rodents, birds, ants, beetles, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, house flies, moths, spiders, termites, wasps, hornets, mice, rats, and even wildlife like bats, moles, skunks, squirrels, and pigeons. They stand out for their approach to pest control, offering specific solutions like rodent and bird proofing, pest-infested site cleanup, and more.

Besides the standard pest control methods, Pest Detective also provides proofing services such as bird netting and Bird-Shock Flex-Track to prevent nesting and roosting. The company addresses rodent issues with rodent proofing services. In addition to the usual pest suspects, they also handle infestations of less common pests such as silverfish, sowbugs, pillbugs, and subterranean termites.

For Vancouver residents dealing with a pest issue, Pest Detective offers a comprehensive solution. Professional and efficient, their team is equipped to handle a diverse range of pests, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction across their extensive service area. For anyone in need of pest control services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, Pest Detective is a recommended contact.