The Self Storage Company offers safe and secure self-storage services at multiple locations that include Edgware, Hemel Hempstead, Waltham Abbey, Welwyn Garden City, and West Molesey. It caters to various storage needs, offering home storage, business storage, and student storage.

The services are advertised as accessible seven days a week, with no minimum stay requirement. The Self Storage Company strives to provide a smooth and easy-to-navigate process for its clients. It thus simplifies the selection of storage units, which range from 10 sqft to 200 sqft, accommodating any budget considerations.

Not only providing storage facilities, but The Self Storage Company also offers office rental services. Various sizes of the office are available for rent, according to the customer's need. Furthermore, there's a box shop available for additional needs like packing and moving supplies, indicating the efforts to provide a comprehensive set of services.

To offer a simplified and user-friendly experience, it has an online booking process. The prospective customers first select the location nearest to them, then select and book a unit according to the quantity of storage they need. After that, all that's left is to move their items in.

The company promotes its prevailing offer of up to 50% off for the first eight weeks, indicating an effort to attract new clients, along with offering expert advice for the storage process. The Self Storage Company prioritizes the safety of the stored items, reassuring customers about the safekeeping of their belongings.

The given information is not exhaustive as some content on the website indicated with the placeholder text Your content goes here. Regardless, the overall impression of The Self Storage Company is one of a comprehensive, secure self-storage provider, aiming to cater to various storage needs while offering convenience and security.

Business address

The Self Storage Company
Head Office, Flexiss Group, First Floor, Unit E, Brooke Court,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 0800 0357090