Burglar Alarms Edinburgh is a security company that provides a variety of services to ensure the safety of both residential and commercial properties. Their offerings include burglar alarms, fire and smoke alarms, closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring, and door entry systems for residential customers. For businesses, in addition to commercial versions of their residential offerings, Burglar Alarms Edinburgh also provides fire and smoke detection systems, access control solutions, commercial thermal camera systems, and emergency lighting.

An advantageous feature of the business is their responsive maintenance and monitoring services, which augment the effectiveness of the installed security equipment. Moreover, Burglar Alarms Edinburgh extends a very accessible communication platform through which potential and existing customers can obtain a free quote, thereby offering an excellent starting point for anyone considering bolstering their property's protection.

The company exhibits an actual dedication to the clients' safety through their passion for helping secure every customer's property. Additionally, they also provide troubleshooting services for intruder alarms and CCTV systems, sharing their expertise and guidance to aid customers in maintaining seamless and effective operation.

Another significant aspect of Burglar Alarms Edinburgh's service portfolio is the provision of home security tips and useful information, ensuring that customers are well-informed about best practices for maintaining a safe and secure environment. This educational component not only adds value to their services but also underlines the company's commitment to customer welfare and peace of mind.

Moreover, Burglar Alarms Edinburgh communicates transparently with their customers, clearly outlining the company's terms and conditions, and also providing easy access through various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This shows an engaging approach towards connecting with customers while promoting open dialogue and sharing important information.

Lastly, the firm's reputation as a leading security systems specialist in Edinburgh is demonstrated in the positive testimonials from satisfied clients. These accounts not only attest to the quality and reliability of the products and services on offer, but also the company's dedication to providing excellent customer service.

In sum, Burglar Alarms Edinburgh offers a comprehensive suite of security services and maintains a customer-focused approach, featuring transparent communication, effective maintenance and monitoring, and a commitment to educating customers about security best practices.

Business address

Safe Simple Secure
50 Corstorphine Road,
EH12 6JQ
United Kingdom

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Phone: 0131 558 9205