A key is one of the fascinating inventions. A small item that fits in your pocket can determine whether you'll sleep in your 2600 square foot home or you'll sleep outside. It can also determine whether you'll use your office today or you'll have to go back home to get the key or wait until the other person with access to your office arrives, or until a locksmith is contacted. City Locks Norwich or just City Locks, are local locksmiths in Norwich. They offer their services 24/7 to those in Norfolk and North Suffolk. They have a website (citylocksnorwich.co.uk) where they share their contact details and highlight the services they offer. Let's have a look at what you should expect from the website.

The User Interface

City Locks" website is simple. It is a trend today for websites to be as simple as possible. It's rare that you'll find websites with sophisticated designs today. I believe most web designers agree that simplicity is beauty. The City Locks" website then is simply beautiful.

At the top of the homepage of the website, you'll find the contact information, main menu, and logo of the website. I know those are not good news, but this is a review and those are what are there. After these three items, there is a slideshow that displays three distinct images: a lock, one of City Locks" vehicles, and the statue in front of their business premise. After the slideshow, the page gives a brief description about City Locks, and then following are some of the services you should expect from the company.

By the way, if you are familiar with Norwich Glass Company Ltd., City Locks Norwich is a sister company. The two companies often work together. There are usually cases where a door is made of glass either entirely or partially. Doors have locks; you do the math. If you are having a challenge with such kind of door, you are lucky if you contact City Locks because you'll be hitting two birds with one stone. Instead of calling one person to deal with the glass and another to deal with the locks, you have one company that will send professionals who will proficiently take care of both.

It's nice that the website doesn't have so much content on its web pages. The font is readable and in a way unique to the website. The designers of the website saw it fit to only provide content that's necessary for the respective web pages. There are only three items on the sites main menu. It is a neat and small website that says a lot in its few web pages.


On the main menu of the website, as indicated earlier, are three main items: Home, Locks, and Contact. Our main focus here is on the "Locks" menu item. If you visit this link, you'll be directed to a page that highlights the kinds of services you should expect from the company.

Furthermore, the company will either install, repair, or upgrade your lock systems. Just visit the "Locks" link and click on any of the images of the locks that interest you and you'll be directed to a page that explains what the lock is and in what situations it's best used for. It's nice that the website also educates you on the various kinds of locks available and in what circumstances they are useful. I found the digital locks to be interesting. I think I'll get a few of them installed at my place; especially the bedroom. I like my privacy, don't you?


The pages of the website load fairly fast, and the website is fully responsive.


A simple lock can make you sleep outside your home, and the same thing also makes you feel like the safest person in the world if you are on the other side of the door. The City Locks website is dedicated to making it easy for you to reach City Locks Norwich Ltd. The website is neat, performs exceptionally well, and I appreciate the fact that the content on its web pages is brief. For a website simply about a professional locksmith company, it's perfect. No negatives to express.

Business address

City Locks Norwich Ltd
Unit 11, Caston Industrial Estate, Salhouse Road,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 01603 409181