Essential Woodwork is a provider of a wide range of oak woodwork products. Its offerings include doors, door frames and lining, shelving, beams, window sills, skirting, and architraves, all aimed to cater to varied customer needs.

A noticeable aspect of their catalogue is the oak doors section. The company prides itself in offering individually handcrafted solid oak doors, promising each one to be unique in design and excellent in craftsmanship. The quality persists in their range of oak beams which the company insists are carefully machined and custom-sized.

Furthermore, Essential Woodwork offers a collection of oak shelves, all beautifully handcrafted. The company website features an array of different designs, each one distinct, subtly highlighting the natural imperfections of the wood. In addition, customers can find window boards that are tailored to their specifications, further extending the company's commitment to customization and quality.

One of Essential Woodwork's unique offerings is their collection of oak beam lamp stands, designed innovatively to blend functionality with aesthetics. The company also takes pride in their collection of oak sills, available in various designs like the 20mm Bullnose Window Sill, 20mm Chamfer Window Sill, 20mm Round Window Sill, and 20mm Square Window Sill.

Essential Woodwork maintains a stable online presence, easy for customers to navigate through their wide selection of items. They allow for custom orders, adjusting their product range to meet individual customer needs. The company insists on providing a secure payments platform, and offers free delivery on all their products. They also have an active customer service center, tuned towards addressing customer queries and solving any issues in a timely manner.

They offer a rewards program to their customers, including offers such as 5% off on purchases over ₤500. This, coupled with the company's insistence on unbeatable quality and price, shows Essential Woodwork's commitment to providing value to its customers.

However, while the company's website hosts a number of products, some items (like the Classic Oak Fireplace Beam, Oak Beam Lamp Stand, and Rustic Oak Beam Coffee Table) are sold out, indicating a possible need for better inventory management.

In conclusion, Essential Woodwork is a notable choice for customers looking for quality, handcrafted oak products. Their robust catalogue, customizable offerings, exceptional customer service, and attractive rewards program make them an appealing option in the marketplace.

Business address

Essential Woodwork Limited
26-28 Lanchester Way,
NN11 8PH
United Kingdom