Ajustlock is a company that specializes in various types of bolt locking mechanisms. Their products range from adjustable barrel bolt locks, slide bolt locks, and pad bolt locks. Apart from their wide range of products, Ajustlock also offers extensive buyer support which includes a buyer registration system, a comprehensive store locator, and a well-stocked online brochure.

One of the notable products from Ajustlock is the 2 Inch Barrel Bolt Window Lock. Priced at $5.25, this lock is highly versatile and can be used on smaller wooden doors or windows, as well as kitchen or bathroom cabinets. The lock has been weather and strength tested, adding to its durable nature.

Another product worth mentioning is the 2 Inch Stainless Steel Window Lock. Cost-effective at $8.45, this item is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. This highlights Ajustlock's diverse product range, catering to different consumer needs.

Convenience is an integral part of Ajustlock's business model. The company products are widely available online through various outlets such as Home Depot and Amazon. Furthermore, Ajustlock anticipates expanding its physical presence as it plans to be available in all Tractor Supply locations via a partnership with Hillman in the coming spring.

Overall, Ajustlock aims to provide secure locking solutions for a variety of applications. Their commitment to quality and convenience is evident in their expansive product range and numerous distribution channels. They maintain an active presence by sharing updates, media events and testimonials, contributing to their transparency and engagement with their customers.

Business address

99 Madison Ave., Suite 620,
New York,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 855-258-7826