Every residential or commercial space needs windows, and the only way to enjoy safely sliding windows up and down is by having a window sash balance installed. Pullman Manufacturing Corporation understands this too well therefore offering topnotch window balances as well as repair, installation and replacement services. Pullman offers a wide variety of window balances ranging from standard balances to industrial counterbalances, each of them tested and proven to be of high quality. Regardless of your particular window balance needs, this company promises to hold your hand and lead you step by step in a bid to ensure you get the ideal products and services from them.

Priding itself of at least 125 years in the industry, Pullman window balances have made a great name for themselves, especially for restoration and replacement of double hung wood windows. As seen from the company's website, there is no doubt that professionalism, credibility and respect for their customers are essential parts of its operation. This company website's green, yellow and white colors give the perfect representation of a key player in the construction industry. Its header region consists of the minimalistic company logo, the main menu and contact number. The main body of the website features dark grey text, which stands out from the white background. The links are either light blue or red, colors that distinguish them from the rest of the text.

For the sake of easier access to different elements of the Pullman website, the navigation menu at the header section includes the window balances, industrial counterbalances, warranty and contact menu items. The window balances category is further divided into standard balances, standard balances installation, replacement balances and replacement balances installation subcategories. On the other hand, the industrial counterbalances category includes the industrial counterbalances and industrial counterbalances specifications subcategories. Each of these links and buttons lead to their respective webpages.

The homepage of the Pullman Company's website proudly exhibits its 3 main products: the standard window balance, industrial counterbalance and the replacement window balance. Below their respective images are short descriptions about where they are used, how to install them, their weight limit and their components as well as their price, starting from $25 and a possibility for discounts indicated. Visitors and customers can also watch a video showing top contractor, Tom Silva, replacing sash weights. Even better is the physical location, contact number and email address that are cleverly displayed at the bottom of the homepage.

Pullman Manufacturing Company personnel are conversant with the fact that a high percentage of prospective buyers are not aware of the different types of window sash balances and their particular functioning. For this reason, its website has dedicated pages for the standard balances, replacement balances and industrial counterbalances. These webpages offer comprehensive descriptions of each of these window sash balances and counterbalances, the window balance sizes of their side and overhead types, weight limits and their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to all these, there are charts and diagrams of the installation specifications of the balances. Additionally, the website also has pages for the installation of the standard and replacement window balances and they offer clear and precise directions and procedures for fitting, repair and replacement of the respective sash balances. Even if the buyer is not conversant with the fitting procedure, the visual aid in the form of illustrations will act as the perfect guide through the purchasing and installation process.

Even as they sell to you their highly esteemed sash window balances, Pullman actually strives to ensure your safety as well as a better experience setting up and using their products. Essentially, the industrial counterbalance specifications webpage lists the necessary tools for repair and fitting of balances and applications, including panel saw return mechanism, safety guards and industrial equipment among others. It also lets the buyer, installer or owner understand the right conditions to safely install or use the balance, including the spring tension, variable load, cable length, spring force, weight and the multiple mounting options available. When it comes to warranty, each Pullman window sash or industrial application earns itself a 1-year standard warranty. As for product return policy, one has to call the company to see if their product qualifies for return and refund, which must be done within 60 days from the date of shipment.