ProVia is a company specializing in the manufacture and supply of doors, windows, vinyl siding, manufactured stone, and metal roofing. The company stresses on the value of energy efficiency in its products and is partnered with Energy Star to ensure its products meet energy efficiency and sustainability standards. Tax credit benefits are also available for customers given the energy-efficient nature of ProVia's products.

In terms of products, the company has a wide range of offerings. They manufacture various types of doors including entry doors, patio doors, French doors, and storm doors. The materials used for these doors include fiberglass, steel, and vinyl. Moreover, ProVia offers an array of choices for door options, including different styles of paint and stain options, various door panel and lite styles, diverse glass options, and a range of door accessories. The door brands offered by ProVia include Embarq, Signet, Legacy, and Heritage for entry doors, while Aeris, Endure, Aspect, and ecoLite are options for patio doors. They also offer storm door brands like Spectrum, Decorator, Deluxe, DuraGuard, and Superview.

ProVia extends its product range to windows, vinyl siding, manufactured stone, and metal roofing, providing customers with a comprehensive set of options for their residential and commercial needs. The company offers resources such as literature, a video library, a blog, and a newsroom to provide customers with valuable information and updates.

The company also has a strong focus on establishing partnerships. ProVia encourages partnerships by offering an easy partnership process and providing support for current ProVia customers through its entryLINK and ProVia App.

Additionally, ProVia offers a Design Center that allows customers to envision their projects by using tools such as the My Vision Board and Color Palettes. This aids in better product selection and design decisions.

Overall, the company emphasizes strong company values, extensive experience, awards and achievements, as well as an energy performance calculator to help customers understand the cost-efficiency of their products. Customers can connect their 'My Portfolio' with their entryLINK account, which adds an extra layer of convenience and efficiency.

From the variety of products in diverse materials and styles to the emphasis on energy efficiency, ProVia presents itself as a one-stop solution for customers' door, window, and roofing needs. While the company's commitment to sustainability and customized design options enhance its appeal, the customer-friendly resources and convenient tools augment the overall customer experience.

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2150 State Route 39,
United States

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Phone: 800-669-4711