Glasses are fancy and mesmerizing. Almost anything that's made of glass looks interesting and impressive. I'm sure you've thought of owning a house made of glass, but you were concerned about privacy, and also the fact that with a house like that, you should also be the sweetest neighbor in your neighborhood; or else someone's brick could disappear and reappear in your house through the wall! Norwich Glass Company Ltd. is an enterprise that specializes in supplying glass in Norwich and her environs. They are the largest independent glass supplier in Norwich. The company does really amazing work in providing customized glass for different exteriors and interiors. It has a website that's dedicated to showing you what the company is all about. Let's take a look at the website and see what it is like.

The User Interface

The website is as professional as it can get. Clearly, the company invested in the best web designers and web developers at its disposal.

As it is customary today, at the top of the website, you'll find some contact details. The company seems to have a 24hour Replacement Service that it prefers anyone interested should be able to easily reach out to. Also, at the top of the web pages of the site, you'll find the company's logo at the right and the main menu to the left.

Right below the main menu of the homepage of the site is a slideshow that displays some of the works the company has done and can do. The slideshow will keep playing until you hover the mouse arrow over it, which will cause it to pause. You'll notice that with each picture on the slideshow, there is a different service being suggested, and on top of the picture, there is a button, which when clicked will direct you to a page with further details on that specific service.

After the slide show, there is a brief introduction of the company, followed by the kinds of services it offers. The company offers its services 24/7. Regardless of the situation or the time the situation manifested, you'll be able to receive their services.

At the bottom of each webpage is the footer, which contains more contact information. The web pages of this website are neatly organized. They are divided into sections, with each section focusing on and explaining an item or two.


Whenever you are going through a company's website and you see that some of its clients are one of the biggest companies in the world, you immediately realize that the company you are dealing with is exceptional at what it does. Some of the clients of Norwich Glass Company are Porsche and Mercedes Benz. I don't think you need any more proof to determine who it is you are dealing with here.


I already gave you a hint at some of the services you are likely to receive from Norwich Glass Company. I'm going to go a little bit in-depth here. The company offers both exterior and interior glass services. Regardless of your situation or its magnitude, the company will be able to sort you out.

At the main menu of each web page on the site, there are three menu items that you should take notice of; Interior Glass, Exterior Glass, and Glass by Type. Under these menu items, you'll find all the glass services the company offers.

And the company will cut any glass you like to whatever shape or size you like.

When you visit either of the links on the above menu items, you'll be taken to a page that further explains the respective services. These pages are filled with beautiful pictures illustrating a sample of the kind of results you should expect from the service, and there is a caption below each picture giving more information about the service.


The Norwich Glass Company website has quite a lot of images but the load time of each of its web pages is impressively fast. The website is also fully responsive. Now that's what I call good web design.


The Norwich Glass Company is the largest autonomous glass supplier in Norwich. Its clients are some of the largest companies in the world like Mercedes Benz. The company's website is well done and anyone visiting it should immediately get the feeling like they are dealing with a professional company. The website is neatly organized, easy to navigate, and has exceptional performance. I have no issues whatsoever with the website. Anyone should have a fun and easy time with it.

Business address

Norwich Glass Company
Unit 11, Caston Industrial Estate, Salhouse Road,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 01603 407071