Climateframe Double Glazing is a manufacturer and installer of double glazed windows and doors based in Perth. The company sources its materials from international suppliers in Germany and the UK to produce high-quality uPVC windows and doors. Alongside the quality of its products, Climateframe Double Glazing also boasts superior customer service, providing customers with free measure and quote services.

The company's product line-up is rather robust, including casement and awning windows, among others. There are various styles and colours available for customers to choose from, allowing individual needs and aesthetic preferences to be met. One particularly noteworthy offering is the energy-saving uPVC windows offered by the company. These types of windows are an excellent choice for individuals keen on managing energy consumption at home.

In addition to windows, Climateframe also produces double-glazed doors. The product lines offer diverse options to cater to unique customer tastes and needs. From traditional hinged doors to contemporary sliding stacking doors, the manufacturer ensures there's something for everyone.

Climateframe Double Glazing recently unveiled a new range of aluminium double-glazed windows which are now available to customers. Such continuous product innovations and additions are a testament to the company's dedication to meeting customer needs in a changing marketplace.

The company's website is rich with information and pictures of their product range, which can be beneficial for customers looking to make informed decisions. It also features a blog for those interested in learning more about uPVC double glazing and related topics. However, more detailed descriptions of each product might further enhance the customer's understanding and selection process.

Verdict: Climateframe Double Glazing provides a wide range of quality windows and doors, promising exceptional customer service and continuous product innovations. The company's combination of superior materials and diverse style options cater to individuals' unique preferences and needs. It is a viable choice for those seeking high-quality uPVC windows and doors in Perth.

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