Peterson Pocket Doors is a business that focuses on providing solutions for common issues with pocket doors. They offer complete systems, hardware kits, and track hardware products that aim to make the installation and maintenance of pocket doors easier and more efficient. Moreover, they provide ample resources for their clientele, including an installation video, an installation guide, and a dedicated section for architects and contractors.

The primary issue that Peterson Pocket Doors addresses is the common disappointment homeowners encounter with the long-term performance of their pocket doors, such as misalignment, gaps formation, and issues where doors remain nonoperational. These problems occur despite the use of advanced technology and precision tools in installation. The company acknowledges that frames, joists, and studs tend to shrink and shift over time, necessitating wheel adjustments, door planing, and even complete re-installations.

Peterson Pocket Doors offers a revolutionary pocket door hardware system designed to resolve these issues. This system allows for the realignment of the pocket door track in just a few seconds, eliminating the need to tear down walls, which is typically a requirement in fixing traditional pocket door issues. This unique offering by Peterson Pocket Doors is clearly a solution that has been met with appreciation, given the satisfied customer's reference to a fully adjustable pocket door frame.

Their website contains a photo gallery and specific sections focusing on different elements of their products. Reviews from customers reveal the favorable reception of Peterson's innovative system, with particular emphasis on its ability to resolve longstanding issues with pocket doors.

Verdict: Peterson Pocket Doors provides an innovative solution for pocket door issues that homeowners and contractors tend to encounter. Offering a range of resources and products, their unique system facilitates easy pocket door realignment, simplifying what has historically been a complicated process. The customer-focused approach, coupled with a revolutionary product, makes Peterson Pocket Doors a strong contender in the space of pocket door solutions.

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Peterson Pocket Door Systems
Santa Barbara,
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Phone: (805) 729-3053