National School Safety and Security Services is a company that specializes in school security and emergency preparedness. The firm's mission is to facilitate safer schools and assists the school administrators including superintendents, school boards, principals, and heads of schools in simplifying complex security issues and emergency preparedness concerns.

The services provided by the company encompass security and emergency preparedness training, threat assessment training, support staff safety training, bus driver security training, and various others. The training programs aim to equip the school staff with necessary knowledge and skills to manage potential threats and emergencies efficiently. In the company's perspective, these trainings play a important role in fortifying the school's overall safety apparatus.

Alongside this, the company also provides school safety consulting services, such as emergency preparedness risk, vulnerability, and threat assessments. For schools seeking to understand their safety gaps and areas of improvement, these services can provide insightful and actionable guidance. They also offer school emergency plan evaluations and post-crisis consulting support. These services collectively contribute to strengthening security and emergency preparedness best practices.

Their consulting service doesn't stop with planning and training. The firm provides continued support in navigating through the pressures of school safety issues. Helping the leadership navigate through the community's school safety concerns and aiding them to communicate effectively about these issues are part of their service portfolio.

National School Safety and Security Services showcases their mission and values through a dedicated team. The team members' collective experience and expertise form the backbone of the company's operation, driving its core activities.

Although the firm offers its services primarily to school administrators, it also extends its services to parents. The company focuses on parents' engagement in school safety, providing them steps to address safety issues and helping them understand the importance of proactive school security and emergency planning.

In conclusion, National School Safety and Security Services is a comprehensive solution-provider for schools looking to bolster their safety and security measures. Through a variety of training and consulting services and a dedicated team, the company aims to simplify complex school safety issues and pave the way for a safer and securer educational environment. Their mission to ensure safer schools goes beyond the school premises, reaching out to parents, and equally involving them in the process. The firm's dedication to its mission and its tailored, comprehensive service portfolio makes it a significant player in the school security and safety sector.