Safe Security is a respected player in the provision of custom security solutions, leveraging more than two decades of experience. Known for its emphasis on superior service quality, the company offers a broad selection of services ranging from close protection and site management to expert consultancy. The heart of Safe Security's reputation for excellence lies in its rigorous personnel recruitment practice.

Safe Security focuses on hiring top-tier experts from the security field. It uses a strict vetting process to ensure that only the best security officers are employed. As an outcome, most of its personnel hail from specialized backgrounds, including counter-terrorism units, special police and the armed forces worldwide. This rigorous recruitment process underscores the company's commitment to the highest standards of security provision.

In addition to their skills and experience, the appearance and adaptability of Safe Security officers are notable. The company encourages a standard dress code for its security officers, promoting a smart and professional image. However, flexibility is a hallmark of Safe Security, and the officers are willing to modify their attire to suit the requirements and tone of individual events or contexts.

Client and officer protection is also a key focus of Safe Security. The company, via its parent entity, provides comprehensive insurance, including public liability, employer's, and indemnity coverage. This robust protection ensures safeguarding for both its employees and clients.

Safe Security also extends training offerings across varied domains. These include Krav Maga and other security training, as well as first aid education. This expansive portfolio of trainings attests to Safe Security's demonstrated expertise in not just providing, but also training others in, security skills.

Verdict: Safe Security emerges as a leading provider of tailor-made security solutions, backed by an elite security personnel team, an array of services, extensive insurance coverage, and sectored training offerings. As a result, the company retains its place at the forefront of the industry, reflecting its pedigree in ensuring client safety and satisfaction.