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  • National School Safety and Security Services
    Addresses people who want to work in school safety. Offers training courses that include the prevention and management of school violence, as well as the reduction of safety risks and liabilities.

  • Security
    Pricing and product comparisons for national and local security providers. Breaking down prices, system features, and identifying the best value for homeowners.

  • ADP Locksmiths
    Offers a 24-hour emergency locksmiths service, we cover the whole of the Fylde from Preston to Blackpool locksmiths and Fleetwood.

  • Brantley Security Services
    Provides security and crisis management services. Offers protection services for facilities, staff and properties.

  • Cosem
    Offers consultancy services in areas of expertise, such as fire safety plans and policies and the establishment of civil defense systems. Provides safety and security equipment and auxiliary products.

  • Giuliani Security & Safety
    Consulting firm that specializes in security, investigation and crisis management. Offers corporate and individual security and crisis management services.

  • Phil Arms, Inc.
    Management company that offers security consultancy and operation services. Specializes in security operations and risk management. Based in Intramuros, Manila - Philippines.

  • PLK Locksmiths
    Locksmiths in Hartlepool that offer great pride in their work and competitive prices.

  • Price Companies
    Offers work place security services, as well as emergency safety maneuvers. Has expertise in corporate investigations and security electronics.

  • Reachfield Security & Safety Management Pte. Ltd.
    Safety and security provider that addresses commercial clients. Offers security services and crisis management to shopping centers, factories and schools.

  • Safe 4 U
    Security service provider that specializes in anti-terrorism and manned guarding. Provides security solutions for private and corporate needs. UK based.

  • Safety Security Services cc.
    Security agency that provides safety and security services to businesses that are based in South Africa. Also addresses clients with special security needs who need 24/7 accompanying.

    International fire protection and security company that provides industry-specific safety solutions for corporate clients across the globe. Offers customers safety and security consultancy services.

  • Universal Safety & Security Solutions
    Houston based security agency that provides security solutions for personnel and facility protection. Offers nationwide services to private, corporate and political clientele.

Safety and Security Web Directory

Safety and security of the family members and belongings is the prime concern of every household. There are various factors which urge the necessity of advanced domestic security system to ensure complete peace of mind.

Loss of Property: Burglary, theft and other unlawful activities are increasing with a great pace due to the current economic scenario of rising unemployment and adverse market conditions. This pose serious risk to the wealth and property in the house as such incidents can occur at any time.

Home Safety
Home safety

Unprecedented Attacks on Inmates: During robbery or theft there are chances of massive attack on the members of the house in an attempt to destroy the witnesses. Intruders often kill the family members as most of the times familiar people are involved in the crime.

Reselling and Insurance: The home security system is extremely useful for people considering sell their house. This kind of facility attracts buyer's interest and enhances the owner to get a decent sale transaction. The insurance companies decide the rates after monitoring several aspects of the house. If there is an absence of proper security system, the owner may get a low rate of interest.

There are several ideas to install a strong security system in the house. This not only protects against crime but also against accidents and mishaps.

Fire Protection: The fire alarm can raise a call detecting little smoke to control the spreading and fatal losses. Keep inflammable substances in a safe place to avoid fire breakouts. Monitor the electrical accessories and wiring to detect the problems earlier to avoid shot circuits.

Protection against theft: Security cameras are easily available nowadays. It helps to monitor and identify people seeking entrance at the front doors. It also records footages in case the person has some otherwise intensions. There is the option of recording the things in personal laptops or on video. For additional protection it is necessary to check the details before employing any servant or driver and obstruct unknown people from entering the house. Lock the doors and windows properly while stepping outside. Always put timer enhanced timer sensor lights in different parts of the house to set alarm if any one manages to enter the house in darkness.

Protection for Children: Rising cases of kidnapping and murders pose threats on children too. Instruct them to keep essential contact numbers and first aid articles at a reach when the elders are away. It is better if they do not use the kitchen gas or inflammable articles at such time. Avoid letting children play or mix with strangers.

Harmful and Toxic Substances: Keep poisonous substances and medicines at some secured place to keep the children and pets safe. Do not keep products beyond the expiry dates as they are harmful. Use separate locked places to keep inflammable substances, acids and cleaning accessories to avoid accidents.

There are several advanced security systems available with complex technologies for complete protection for entire house and the inmates. Portable monitors, CCTVs, burglary alarms, modern locks and many other equipments ensures superb security and safety measures for well being of every house.