1st Clear Flow Ltd is a Sussex-based company offering a wide variety of drainage and plumbing services. Accessible 24/7, this enterprise promises efficient drainage repairs including blocked drain clearance and groundworks, emphasising customer convenience by offering free quotes on their services.

One of the primary services of 1st Clear Flow Ltd involves providing solutions to blocked drains and related problems. The company's skillful team can manage almost all drain issues, from clearing a blocked sink trap to remedying a root-filled drain, showcasing their comprehensive problem-solving abilities in this area.

The company also utilizes cutting-edge technology to offer CCTV surveys for investigating faulty drains, pipes, and sewers. This service illustrates their commitment to using modern solutions to quickly and accurately identify and address any problems in drainage systems.

1st Clear Flow Ltd goes beyond drain-related services to handle various plumbing and heating needs. From bathrooms and bathroom installation to pipework leak repairs, they cover a wide range of plumbing maintenance issues. Additionally, they cater to heating requirements including boiler installation, servicing, and power flushes of the central heating system.

Another notable offering is the company's no-dig drain repair solution applicable to most broken pipes. This feature not only underlines their innovation in providing practical solutions, but also their dedication towards minimising disruption to the customers' property during repair work.

Finally, the company supplies and fits new, reliable Baxi boilers. This addition to their services portfolio reveals their commitment to ensuring the quality and reliability of their products, thus further enhancing customer satisfaction.

In sum, 1st Clear Flow Ltd is a comprehensive service provider catering to a range of drainage, plumbing, and heating needs with an emphasis on customer convenience and modern solution strategies. Their extensive range of services, including 24/7 availability and use of advanced technology, position them as a go-to solution for various home maintenance issues within the Sussex region.

Business address

1st Clear Flow
Unit 1, 14 Peter Road, Lancing Business Park,
West Sussex
BN15 8TH
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 01903 212392