Resene Paints is a comprehensive resource for home decoration, offering a wide range of painting solutions and services. The website guides users through the preparation process of painting their homes, with advice on how to achieve quality results. Besides its products and services, Resene Paints also provides assistance to its customers through various online tools and information outlets.

The business offers extensive collections of colour palettes and features a plethora of other decorating elements. Its array of available colours extends from common hues such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, grey, and black, to unique shades such as wood stains. Resene Paints also offers purchasing options through its online store, making it a convenient service for customers who prefer online shopping.

Resene Paints' website not only serves to showcase its products but also to inspire customers. Their 'Get Inspired' section is filled with the latest looks, decorating inspiration galleries, award-winning home designs, expert advice, and informative blog posts. This content can help drive customers' creative processes and let them visualize their desired outcomes.

In order to tailor users' experiences and simplify their colour selection process, Resene Paints features a range of interactive online tools such as colour swatch library, palette generator, and the ColourMatch Online system. These tools are designed to aid individuals in identifying the perfect shade for their homes as per their specific needs and preferences.

Apart from colour selection, Resene Paints also keeps customers updated with the latest colour trends in the market, from paint colours to wallpaper, fabric, and curtain trends. The company even offers fashion colour inspiration for those who want their interiors to reflect the latest fashion trends. Additionally, for tech-savvy DIY enthusiasts, Resene provides BIM/Electronic paint colour files that can be used in various design software.

Resene Paints also provides personalized services such as consultations with colour experts as well as the option to order test pots, drawdowns/A4 swatches of selected paint samples. These features showcase the company's customer-centric approach and its commitment to helping consumers achieve successful home renovation projects.

Overall, Resene Paints offers a diverse range of high-quality paints along with a plethora of resources to assist the consumers in their home decorating process. It's a one-stop solution for those looking to repaint their home and seek guidance on choosing the right colors, design inspirations, and advice. With its comprehensive and user-friendly tools, Resene Paints ensures that every step of the customer's painting journey is well-informed and aligned to their vision.