Berger Paints is a leading company in India that provides ample solutions for home painting and waterproofing. The business presents a diverse product range, which includes interior and exterior wall coatings, DIY exterior textures, metal finishes, wood finishes, undercoats, and waterproofing solutions. They also offer hygiene and safety products for the home.

Berger Paints provides a unique and innovative 'Express Painting' service, which is a faster, cleaner, and better way to paint homes. The company's website also features a 'Virtual Painter' tool, which allows customers to preview how different colours and textures would look on their walls, helping them make informed decisions about their painting needs.

For professional users, Berger Paints has a dedicated section where they can find professional services, products, completed projects, and expert advice. It includes detailed information about their industrial offerings such as GI and automotive coatings, powder coatings, and protective coatings.

The company has a comprehensive profile detailing its vision, mission, philosophy, historical milestones, and an overview of its management team. Berger's commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through their green initiatives and prominently displayed in their 'Green Horizon' section. In addition, Berger Paints prides itself on its global presence, demonstrating its credibility and reach.

Investors are taken into consideration by Berger Paints, as demonstrated by a dedicated menu section. It features the chairman's message, detailed information about new projects, and various utility tools, such as shade cards, product finder, a paint calculator, and colour catalogue.

In addition to these offerings, Berger Paints extends its services to becoming a dealer. There's a separate menu option for those interested, providing them with all necessary information related to dealership. Their online shopping feature provides customers with an interactive, easy-to-use platform, making their products easily accessible.

Berger Paints has been recognized with several awards and certifications, further establishing the quality of their products and services. They also fully provide a code of conduct, a familiarization program for independent directors, and a standard letter of appointment for independent directors that underline the robust corporate governance practices at Berger Paints.

In conclusion, Berger Paints highlights transparency in its operations, provides easy-to-understand and useful tools for its customers, and has a wide array of products making it a go-to choice for professional and home users alike.