Future Light Design Ltd positions itself as a premier supplier and lighting designer in the UK, showcasing a comprehensive knowledge of the entire Occhio lighting product line, and embracing the task of aiding with any aspect of customer requirements. Their services range from guiding the selection process of lighting products to delivering a complete design and supply package.

Prominently featured among their offerings is the Occhio lighting range. With its recent emergence and consequent success, Occhio has carved out a distinctive spot amongst lighting products. Its exceptional appeal lies in its comprehensive, modular lighting system, which presents a versatile range of designs suitable for every taste. The range includes an array of product lines such as Mito, Mito Linear, Sento, Sospeso, and more, showing how adaptable and broad their collection is.

To provide an exceptional service, Future Light Design Ltd maintains a strong online presence complemented by physical showrooms located in Surrey and Central London. This strategy allows them to serve a broad customer base, catering to a variety of needs and preferences. Their Surrey showroom and studio, known as The Post House, resides on Ockham Road in East Horsley, with appointments being necessary for visits. Future Light Design Ltd also hosts a showroom located at 41 Windmill Street, Fitzrovia, in Central London to accommodate a larger clientele. It should be noted that the London showroom operates under an appointment-only model, as well.

Future Light Design Ltd succeeds in combining a robust understanding of the innovative and versatile Occhio lighting system with experienced design advice and supply solutions. It provides a tailored approach towards each client's individual lighting needs with a significant emphasis placed on customer service and professionalism. Future Light Design Ltd retains a commitment to offering informed, personalised assistance to those looking to inject style and functionality into their living or working spaces using Occhio lighting products.

Copyright 2022 Future Light Design Ltd. This demonstrates the company's cognizance of legal obligations and intellectual property rights, speaking volumes about its professionalism and ethical standards. Their website, managed by Faraday Media Ltd, serves as a testament to their commitment to maintaining a contemporary and efficient digital presence. Overall, the company projects a strong, reliable image that, combined with their Occhio offerings, indicate a high-quality service.

Business address

Future Light Design
1 Deburgh Road,
SW19 1DX
United Kingdom

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Phone: 020 8544 9046
Fax: 020 8286 7120