Ozlighting, an Australian-based online lighting store, offers a broad range of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures for various needs. The products listed on their website provide customers with a wide array of options, allowing them to choose the ideal design that suits each particular setting.

Their lighting options focus primarily on indoor and outdoor lighting. For indoor lighting, they provide a broad spectrum of options. There are variations of ceiling lights, including oyster, smart oyster, sensor ceiling lights, and close-to-ceiling flush lights. Added to that, they also offer different styles of indoor spotlights and batten fix lights. Customers looking for indoor wall lighting will find sconce lights, bedside lights, LED batten lights, and vanity lights. The store also has unique options like picture lights and panel troffer lights. Specific types of track lighting, including single circuit track lights and 3-circuit track lights, are also available complete with accessories. They also carry lighting accessories such as cabling, dimmers, indoor power supplies, indoor sensors, LED accessories, and switches and power points, including smart versions.

For customers interested in bathroom lighting, Ozlighting offers a unique 3-In-1 Bathroom heaters category, available with accessories. Lighting accessories are plentiful with options for cabling, dimmers, indoor power supplies, indoor sensors, and LED accessories. A range of switches and power points are also available, with smart switches and power points being notable.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, Ozlighting favors modern designs. The outdoor lighting collection includes different types of outdoor wall lights, flush wall lights, up/down wall lights, and bracket lights. Indirect wall lights are another style prevalent in their collection.

The shipping policy offered by Ozlighting is another feature worth noting. They offer a flat rate shipping starting from $7.95 for the Sydney Metro area. For additional support, the company provides a call center for advice, available through the contact number mentioned on the website.

Verdict: Ozlighting is an online lighting store with an extensive range of lighting solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor settings. Their platform is user-friendly with detailed product descriptions, thus simplifying the buying process for customers. Whether looking for modern outdoor fixtures or specific bathroom lighting, the diverse offerings make Ozlighting an ideal place to consider for all lighting needs.