Beacon Lighting is a retailer specializing in lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. Offering a variety of styles and designs, the company caters to several customer preferences. The store's website, however, may encounter functionality issues if its visitors have disabled cookies or Javascript on their browsers. They provide free shipping on purchases over $120, making online shopping at Beacon Lighting a cost-effective option.

Customers can access several features on the Beacon Lighting website that enhance their shopping experiences. For instance, they can view their order history, create a wishlist, update their details and addresses, and save their credit card information for more seamless transactions in future. Plus, customers can adjust their email preferences to tailor how much communication they receive from the company.

Beacon Lighting provides its customers with various services, such as the VIP Design Service and in-home consult service. The VIP Design Service offers professional advice to customers, helping them select products that fit their budget and style. This consultation takes place in the comfort of the customers' homes, enhancing the personalized feel of this service.

For a more immersive experience, customers can avail of an in-studio session with a lighting designer through the In-studio Experience service. This service allows customers to receive expert insights and customized lighting plans, bringing a refined touch to their lighting choices. It provides more than just selection assistance, helping customers to make the most of their purchases.

The company has stores in various locations, whereby customers can explore and purchase Beacon Lighting's products in person. The addresses of the stores are provided on the website. Among the listed outlets are Beacon Lighting Abbotsford in Victoria, Beacon Lighting Albury in New South Wales, and Beacon Lighting Alexandria also in New South Wales. The company also stands in Western Australia with Beacon Lighting Armadale and in New South Wales with Beacon Lighting Artarmon and Beacon Lighting Baldivis. Overall, whether shopping online or in-store, Beacon Lighting provides its customers with a versatile and comprehensive selection of lighting fixtures and fans, coupled with expert advice and consultative services.