Astute Lighting is a business focusing on providing LED lighting solutions. The company offers a comprehensive range of LED bulbs that shoppers can browse according to their fitting type. Among the selection, they offer GU10, MR16, E27, B22, E14, G9, G4, B15 LED bulbs, and G24 PL bulbs.

Additionally, Astute Lighting acknowledges that the lighting requirements will vary depending on the room, thus they offer tailored solutions for different areas. They cover not only residential spaces like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and bedroom but also cater to more commercial areas such as offices, schools, and showrooms.

An important part of Astute Lighting's product portfolio is their selection of ceiling lights. They provide a diverse range of options, including crystal and modern chandeliers, contemporary ceiling lights, and pendant ceiling lights. For spaces that require more concentrated lighting, they offer LED downlights. These range in power from 8W to 50W, allowing customers to find the perfect lighting for their specific needs.

They also offer LED display lights, and LED panel lights. These come in a range of powers and sizes, including 600 x 600 LED panels and low UGR LED panels. There's also a range of LED tube and batten lights, available in sizes between 2FT and 6FT. This provides customers with an abundance of options to find the product that best suits their environment.

Astute Lighting also provides lighting solutions for the outdoors. The LED bulkhead fittings, LED amenity lights and IP rated bulkhead fittings are designed to withstand external environmental conditions. Some of their more advanced products include LED bulkheads with built-in sensors, offering increased functionality and convenience to users.

Overall, Astute Lighting specialises in offering a broad variety of LED lighting solutions that cater to different needs, spaces, and design preferences. They provide customers with a range of products that vary in terms of power, size, and function, enabling them to create tailored lighting environments.