IKEA is a multinational retail company that specializes in selling home accessories, furniture, and other home goods. The retailer provides a range of products and services that cater to various aspects of domestic living. On the IKEA website, customers have multiple categories to explore including furniture, storage and organization, beds and mattresses, kitchen and appliances, home dcor, textiles, lighting, baby and kids items, rugs, bathroom supplies, outdoor furniture, plants, and other accessories.

In addition to home improvement items, IKEA also offers smart home products and electronics which emphasize on enhancing daily routines and making life at home more convenient. Catering to pet owners, IKEA offers pet accessories to make home comfortable for all members of the family. Further broadening its product range, it even offers food through an IKEA Food and Swedish restaurant segment. The retailer also runs special seasonal categories like the summer shop and limited collections from time to time for customers looking for themed products.

IKEA also offers tools and services to make shopping more efficient for its customers. The IKEA Family and IKEA for Business programs aim to provide additional benefits to regular customers and businesses respectively. IKEA's gift registry and gift ideas provide handy solutions for those shopping for others. Various deals, including appliance offers and limited-time offers, are also available to provide high value to customers.

In terms of customer service, IKEA has provided several resources for customer queries including a frequently asked questions section, a 'Contact Us' option, information on their return policy, and a system to track orders. Continuous efforts to provide customer satisfaction are evident.

IKEA also offers a credit card option, a feature that allows customers to manage their purchases in a more flexible manner. The IKEA website also allows customers to find their nearest IKEA location which contributes towards enhancing the customer shopping experience.

In conclusion, through a broad array of home products and thoughtful services, IKEA caters to a diverse clientele including home owners, businesses, and individuals. With its focus on providing comprehensive solutions for homes, the brand continues to uphold its reputation as a leading home goods retailer.