Robinson of England is an established business that specializes in crafting and restoring Chesterfield sofas and chairs. It boasts a diverse collection of all things furniture, from Sofas and Armchairs to other unique pieces such as a Flying Wing Aviation Chair with Humidor and a Victorian Porters Chair. Each of these items, including their Chesterfield Sofa, is hand-dyed and crafted in-house, ensuring superior craftsmanship and quality.

Also of note is their restoration service, which is particularly showcased by a fully restored 19th-century Victorian Chesterfield Sofa. This piece was meticulously restored using their hand-dyed deep ocean leathers, reinstating the sofa's antique charm. Therefore, their services extend beyond simply manufacturing new pieces, offering customers a chance to bring old furniture back to life.

Robinson of England also appears to have a notable clientele, given their history of crafting custom pieces for popular movies. They have even designed furniture specifically for the Harry Potter film franchise, crafting Slytherin Chesterfield Sofas and Armchairs. These projects show their ability to craft intricate designs, proving their craftsmanship skills to be exceptional.

Moreover, their offerings extend to bespoke items like the Goderich Sofa in Golden Tan and the Grenville Sofa in Elephant Grey. The attention to detail and quality of these handcrafted items illustrate Robinson of England's commitment to craft and design. They also ensure that their pieces are visually appealing, often using unique colors and designs that stand out.

Verdict: Robinson of England is a reputable furniture manufacturer that values craftsmanship and quality. Their range of products, from original Chesterfield pieces to movie-inspired furniture, caters to a wide audience. Furthermore, their restoration service breathes new life into older pieces, making them a versatile choice for both new and antique furniture enthusiasts. Their focus on detail and quality ensures customers receive exceptionally crafted items that are distinct as well as timeless.

Business address

Robinson of England
Unit 99, 1 Chollerton Drive, North Tyne Ind. Estate,
NE12 9SZ
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: +44 (0)788691966