Vegas Epoxy Floor Guys is a specialized flooring service provider that focuses on delivering epoxy flooring solutions for both commercial and residential needs. Dealing effectively with scuffs, spills, and concrete discoloration, the company offers a viable option for those who are looking for an easy to maintain floor alternative. Made from a mix of resin and hardening agents, epoxy is not only durable but also presents a wide array of design choices. The company gives buyers a choice from multiple flake and metallic epoxy colors, and even offers the option to add logos or unique shapes beneath the clear coats.

Vegas Epoxy Floor Guys offers its services for not only garage floors, but also larger, industrial epoxy jobs as well. The Las Vegas commercial epoxy flooring experts are capable of servicing businesses of all sizes in Clark County, showing their flexibility and broad customer reach.

The epoxy flooring process used by Vegas Epoxy Flooring Guys is relatively straightforward. Each job begins by grinding the existing concrete floors with ultra-powerful 8,000+ RPM hand grinders that use metal alloy discs embedded with diamond. This creates a rough texture that gives the epoxy plenty of surface to adhere to. The process also creates small pores that allow the epoxy to soak down into the concrete and secure a firm hold. During the process, the company upholds a clean working environment by using top-of-the-line dust extractors to manage any matter kicked up by the grinding machines.

Verdict: Vegas Epoxy Floor Guys presents a reliable and quality service for those in need of epoxy flooring solutions. Their use of advanced tools and commitment to maintaining a clean workspace during the installation process speaks to their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.