Shaw Floors is a comprehensive flooring provider offering a variety of flooring options including carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, mineral core, tile, and stone. They feature specialized collections such as 5th and Main Commercial Flooring, Cat 0, and other tailored solutions.

A key focus of Shaw Floors is their innovative Whole Home Solutions which cater to various stages of life. Whether accommodating the practicality needs of a first home or the luxury requirements of a forever home, Shaw offers flooring solutions that can be personalized to each customer's particular needs.

The company extends its services beyond just selling floorings. It provides visualization tools like the Floorvana+ visualizer that allows customers to preview how selected flooring will appear in their space. This interactive tool can be beneficial for customers who find it challenging to decide on a suitable flooring option, giving them a realistic image of the final look.

One of their notable offerings includes the Perfect Flooring for Pet Lovers. Keeping pet owners in mind, they provide an ultra-durable and easy-to-clean Pet Perfect Carpet alongside a scratch-resistant, waterproof Mineral Core hard surface. The aim is to provide pet-friendly flooring options that can withstand potential wear and tear.

Shaw Floors places significant emphasis on customer convenience. They offer design services and financing options to alleviate potential stress that could arise from flooring installations. The business' user-friendly interface allows customers to easily find the products they want, thereby ensuring a smooth shopping experience. Whether it's in terms of their product diversity, solid after-sales services, or engaging user tools, Shaw Floors demonstrates a customer-centric approach in their offerings.