Schneider Electric Global is a specialist global enterprise in the field of energy management and automation. As a company, its stated purpose is to empower individuals and organizations to optimise their use of energy and resources, thereby bridging the gap between progress and sustainability. This ethos is encapsulated in their slogan, Life Is On.

A notable feature of Schneider Electric is its commitment to sustainability and efficiency. Through innovative solutions and technology, the company aims to gear its contributions towards fostering a sustainable and inclusive world. They offer a range of advanced consulting services and technologies geared towards preparing facilities for digital transformation, illustrating a future-facing approach to business.

The company also has a diverse software portfolio that is described as being agnostic, suggesting the software solutions can be used across a myriad of platforms. This capability highlights the commitment of Schneider Electric to provide its customers with suitable solutions for their unique needs.

Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive selection of products for many different industries. This wide range of products underlines the company's versatility and ability to adapt to the needs of various sectors. In addition, Schneider Electric's strong financial performance, specifically their reported record levels of revenue, adjusted EBITA and net income, indicates its sound financial health.

Considering their commitment to employee growth and commitment, Schneider Electric appears to be an inclusive company that values its workforce. Prospective employees are invited to discover the benefits of working with them, suggesting an open and inviting corporate culture.

In conclusion, Schneider Electric is a company dedicated to promoting sustainability and efficiency, with a focus on empowering all to make the most out of their energy and resources. Its wide range of products, versatile software solutions, advanced services, and strong financial performance prove it as a leader in its field. Schneider Electric's commitment to fostering an inclusive work culture also suggests that it is a desirable place of employment.