Edmundson Electrical is a leading electrical wholesaler in the UK. The company is renowned for its expansive stock range, quality service, and quick delivery, enticing potential customers with the promise of same-day delivery, and convenience offered through over 240 physical locations across the country. Additionally, it also boasts an easily downloadable location finder app available for both iOS and Android users. The app aims to provide users with an effortless way to locate their nearest Edmundson Electrical branch, underscoring the firm's commitment to customer convenience.

Beyond its retail services, the company also offers an accounting service, allowing customers to open a credit account for streamlined shopping and 24/7 access to its range of top branded items. This accounting feature demonstrates Edmundson's innovativeness in facilitating easy transactions for its consumer base.

The company not only values its customers but also its employees, branding itself as a supportive place to work. The employee quote, It's a great place to work. Edmundson's will support you all the way, acts as testament to the firm's employee-first approach, a feature that further bolsters its positive industry reputation.

Edmundson Electrical is not only oriented towards business growth but also towards corporate social responsibility. The company's association with Planet Mark showcases its commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. This green commitment is echoed by its provisions for SMART EV charge points and a focus on solar, which further emphasize its dedication to eco-conscious operations.

The company's operational transparency is exemplified by its readily available links to critical information such as its privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other company details. Edmundson Electrical Ltd is registered in Knutsford, Cheshire, with the Producer Register Ltd.

Edmundson Electrical continually works to establish itself as a reliable business that values its customers, employees, and the environment in which it operates. Considering its wide range of stock, committed service, user-friendly digital tools, accountable business practices, and environmental focus, it is evident why Edmundson Electrical is considered a leader in its industry.