Lisa Bradburn Interior Design is a Sussex-based interior design consultancy with a specific focus on creating striking and fresh modern country interiors. The firm positions itself as a creator of relaxed country living design, merging contemporary fabric and finishes with design aspects that align with the contemporary countryside lifestyle.

The firm's interior design services are not limited just to creating layouts that are visually appealing. Instead, they aim to create spaces that work in harmony with and cater to the demands of lifestyle in the countryside. This is a unique aspect of the firm. It provides a client-centered approach. This approach is evident within the business' client testimonials, with one client even going so far as to express their gratitude for the design team's ability to exceed their expectations and make every aspect of partnering with Lisa Bradburn an enjoyable experience.

The company's portfolio showcases a variety of projects, including family homes located across West Sussex. However, it doesn't offer a wide array of projects or designs. Meanwhile, this design firm also provides insights into interior design through journal articles hosted on its website, a useful resource for aspiring interior design aficionados as well as individuals seeking tips on incorporating antiques into a modern country home or other sustainability measures that can be implemented in period homes. These posts are a proof of the firm's commitment in assisting clients beyond their main services.

On a less impressive note, the Lisa Bradburn Interior Design website is rather repetitive. Throughout the site, the same promotional information and wording are used. Still, despite the repetition, it's clear that the team at Lisa Bradburn Interior Design's dedication in creating relaxed, picturesque countryside living spaces is undeniable.

However, Lisa Bradburn Interior Design's lack of versatility may not appeal to customers looking for designs that stray from the 'country living' style. Moreover, this lack of diversity may also affect the firm's ability to attract a diverse range of clients from different backgrounds or with different design preferences.

In conclusion, the Lisa Bradburn Interior Design consultancy is a specialized firm catering to a particular audience. While the company's work may be appealing to clients seeking modern, country-inspired design, there is little evidence of the firm's ability to cater to various other design styles. At the same time, while some may find the website repetitive, the company provides a wealth of information regarding the thought process and inspiration behind their designs through journal articles, providing additional value to its customers.

Business address

32 Clinton Street,
United Kingdom