Titus Contracting is a construction and remodeling company renowned for its residential and commercial services. Their range of services is extensive, spanning from kitchen and bathroom revamping, to building additions and improvements to exteriors. Moreover, they also showcase an impressive portfolio in the commercial sector which includes commercial remodeling, construction project management, apartment remodeling, fitness center construction, retail build-out, and medical office building projects. By surveying their services, one can discern that Titus Contracting can cater to a variety of needs across multiple sectors.

The company is particularly acclaimed for its client-focused approach and attributes its success to effective communication and a team of experienced designers and construction experts. Clients appreciate their efforts to keep everything on time and within budget. These are features that significantly reduce the potential stress and frustration often associated with remodeling.

Their expertise does not go unnoticed among their clientele, with one client lauding Titus Contracting as superior to many contractors they had worked with before. The company's ability not only to transform a given vision into reality but also to exceed original expectations is a testament to their skills and dedication.

Another critical aspect of their business operations revolves around the professional manner in which they handle their projects. As one client noted about the excellent communication maintained throughout the project, the professional conduct of the workers, and their ability to manage concerns, especially during challenging times like amid the COVID-19 pandemic, illustrates that Titus Contracting is adaptable and focused on serving its clients for the best user experience.

Lastly, the head of the team, Scott Rajavuori, was specifically mentioned for his excellent service, attention to detail, and commendable project management. His contribution towards keeping the project on schedule signifies his efficiency and the quality of leadership at the company.

Verdict: Titus Contracting is a versatile company with a track record of exceeding client expectations. Their commitment to better communication, quality workmanship, and professionalism make them a reliable option for both residential and commercial construction and remodeling needs. They have built an outstanding reputation by being committed to efficiency and dependability, factors that are important in their industry.

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Titus Contracting INC
12154 Nicollet Ave,
United States

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Phone: +1-952-746-7817