If you own a commercial building, a time will come when it needs remodeling somewhere; it could be your current place of business, home, or some building you just acquired. At such a point you will need a company that's exceptional at remodeling buildings. Titus Contracting is that company. With over 30 years of experience in the commercial remodeling business, you can expect them to cover you with a broad range of contracting services for renovation and design. They are located in Burnsville, MN, in the Twin Cities area. The company has a website (https://www.tituscontracting.com) where they give you a glimpse of what they can do for you. Here is what you can learn from their website.

The User Interface

Once the home page of the website loads, you are presented with a beautiful image depicting a renovated business conference room; a glimpse of their commercial builder's services. At the topmost part of every page is the contact information to call them direct. Scroll to learn about their featured Twin Cities Commercial Projects.

As a contracting renovation and remodeling company, the website reflects the quality of work that they provide for their clients. The "wood" color on the main menu of the website contrasts well with the dark blue used on its headings. The images used on the website are vibrant and depict beautiful sceneries of the results you should expect from the company. They are captivating and promising. Once you have a look at them, you just feel like picking up the phone and calling the company to come and remodel your business place, even if there isn't anything necessarily wrong.


The main menu is available at the top of each web page, so regardless of which page you are on the website, you should have no problem looking around. Check out the "Our Services" menu item on the main menu to get a detailed view of the kinds of services you should expect from the company. The services offered by company entail:

Commercial Remodeling

Construction Project Management

Fitness Center Construction

Multi-Family Apartment Remodeling

Interior Buildouts

Retail Buildout Tenant Buildout

Retail Remodeling

Medical Officer Renovation

Residential Design and Build

I believe this gives you a glimpse of what to expect. Now you can just look at the list above for something that interests you and visit the website for more details. Also, check out the "Galleries" page for a collection of what the company has accomplished so far.


Since the website has a lot of images to reinforce its content and messages, its web pages load very fast. The website is also fully responsive; regardless of the screen size of the device you use to access it, you should have a good experience.

The Titus Contracting website is beautiful, in a way classy. It gives the visitor the sense that they are dealing with professionals. The user interface of the website is simple. Regardless of how web savvy one is, anyone should have an easy time snooping around. The performance of the website is excellent considering the number of images it contains. The website is fully responsive; all devices should display it neatly. I like the fact that its web pages contain brief content, which makes it easy for viewers go through as many items as they please because they don't have to deal with a lot of text. It's a job well done.

Business address

Titus Contracting INC
12154 Nicollet Ave,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-952-746-7817