GeeFix is a company that specializes in plasterboard cavity wall fixings, notably supplying heavy-duty plasterboard fixings and hollow wall anchors. These products are designed specifically for affixing heavy items onto plasterboard cavity walls, a task that has always proved to be challenging for both building trade professionals and do-it-yourself home improvement enthusiasts.

The range of items these products can support include radiators, towel rails, curtain poles, heavy mirrors, cycle racks, cupboards, and TV brackets. It is impressive to note that GeeFix wall anchors can carry a load of up to 270kg, providing a strong and reliable fix. With over 40 years' experience in the industry, customers can trust the brand's expertise and quality.

One of the key selling points conveyed on GeeFix's website is the simplicity of installation. Whether it is for domestic or trade purposes, the products are designed to be easy to fit, and the company's website provides a range of instructional videos to help customers with the installation process.

To further support their customers' needs, GeeFix includes a frequently-asked-questions section on their website to address common queries. Buyers also have the opportunity to purchase directly from the manufacturer, clearly demonstrating GeeFix's commitment to open and direct interaction with its consumers.

The GeeFix hollow wall fixing was designed by an experienced plumbing and heating engineer who, after identifying the shortcomings of similar fixings on the market, saw the necessity for a superior product. All products from GeeFix are designed and made in Britain, ensuring a standard of quality undoubtedly influenced by tremendous professional experience in the trade.

In conclusion, GeeFix stands out in the plasterboard fixture market with its heavy-duty plasterboard fixings. Their products offer an ideal solution for those seeking to securely affix heavy items to plasterboard cavity walls. The simplicity and ease of installation are additional benefits, backed by 40 years of industry experience. So, whether you are a seasoned trade professional or a DIY enthusiast, with GeeFix, you can trust that you are investing in trustworthy, reliable, and high-quality products.

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