Arch Virtual is a leading firm in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Training and Simulation applications primarily for enterprise and educational institutions. Built on their proprietary platform, Acadicus, they develop complex simulations which are effectively helping to solve real-world problems.

Arch Virtual's dedicated team of developers paves the way for their excellence with a deep understanding of the potential of AR and VR and how best to integrate it into the educational and enterprise arenas. They offer a broad range of VR and AR services but specialize in medical and safety training, architectural simulations, and creating immersive learning experiences.

Notably, one of their areas of expertise lies in VR training for the medical field. They have worked on some innovative projects, including airway lab medical training, immersive healthcare simulations, GE Healthcare's Senographe Pristina mammography system, and an application for visualizing dental equipment. Additionally, their VR Bone Fracture Reduction project provides a clear example of their effectiveness in promoting VR learning experiences in the medical education field.

Safety is another focus area where Arch Virtual has made significant contributions, particularly with their Acadicus platform. Their ASSP Fall Protection VR Experience illustrates their commitment to enhancing safety training protocols using VR technologies.

Architectural simulations offered by Arch Virtual provide unique and interesting insights for its users. Projects like 'The Spark', which visualized architectural designs for Starting Block Madison and American Family Insurance, demonstrate the 'real-life' potential of their technology in industry applications. Moreover, they have created a VR Experience at Texas AandM University providing further evidence of their capabilities in this field.

In providing these services, Arch Virtual proves its intent to establish VR and AR as a fundamental instrument for training and simulation purposes. Their phone and email support add to their accessibility. Although their website could provide more detailed information about their past projects, it's evident that their commitment to leveraging AR and VR to provide effective, efficient, tailored solutions has resulted in incredibly innovative systems that meet the diverse range of customer needs.

Overall, Arch Virtual's diverse portfolio and consistent engagement with their clientele signify its strength and leadership in the VR and AR space. They've proven their ability to create realistic, effective training and development solutions across multiple industries. Hence, it is fair to say that Arch Virtual offers an innovative, effective solution for businesses and institutions looking to invest in VR/AR training and simulation. They have successfully bridged the gap between technology and application and remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.