is an online platform designed to guide homeowners in addressing and solving common tree services and problems. The website encourages homeowners to educate themselves about tree services before reaching out to a tree service provider or company. The site provides resources such as a downloadable guide, blog posts, and a search function for finding professional tree service providers.

One of the outstanding features of is the ability to find and connect with professional tree service providers. Users can search for providers based on location. Recent members include American Tree Services, AandJ Tree Care, TandK Tree Service and Stump Grinding, Viva Trees, and Tanzola Tree Service among others. These services are located across various locations in the United States including Albuquerque, Durand, New Smyrna Beach, San Antonio, Downingtown, Manassas, Temecula, St. Augustine, and Louisville.

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The website also makes provisions for latest entries or recent members to the community. This implies that the site's database is regularly updated to provide the visitors with new and diverse range of professional tree service providers.

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